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Advanced Business English and Communication MOD3337M Module
Advanced French 1 MOD1393M Module
Advanced French Business, Culture and Society 6 MOD3339M Module
Advanced German 1 MOD1395M Module
Advanced German 2 MOD1396M Module
Advanced German Business, Culture & Society 5 MOD3340M Module
Advanced German Business, Culture and Society 6 MOD3341M Module
Advanced German for Business 3 MOD2587M Module
Advanced Spanish 2 MOD1398M Module
Advanced Spanish Business, Culture and Society 6 MOD3343M Module
Advanced Spanish for Business 4 MOD2590M Module
Arts, Performance and Society TOU9128M Module
Big Data and Artificial Intelligence MKT9707M Module
Brand Management MKT9206M Module
Business and Marketing (with Professional Practice) MKTPRPUB Module
Business English and Communication MOD2591M Module
Buyer Behaviour MKT2017M Module
Client Based Project TOU2034M Module
Commercial Sports Club Management SBM2012M Module
Consultancy Project MKT3092M Module
Consumer Behaviour MKT9117M Module
Consumer Culture TOU3010M Module
Consumer Culture TOU3010 Module
Contemporary Issues in the Visitor Economy TOU9170M Module
Core Chinese 1 MOD1399M Module
Core Chinese 2 MOD1400M Module
Core Chinese Business, Culture and Society 5 MOD3344M Module
Core Chinese Business, Culture and Society 6 MOD3345M Module
Core Chinese for Business 3 MOD2592M Module
Core Chinese for Business 4 MOD2605M Module
Core French 2 MOD1402M Module
Core French Business, Culture And Society 6 MOD3347M Module
Core French for Business 4 MOD2594M Module
Core German 1 MOD1403M Module
Core German 2 MOD1404M Module
Core German Business, Culture & Society 5 MOD3348M Module
Core German Business, Culture And Society 6 MOD3349M Module
Core German for Business 3 MOD2595M Module
Core German for Business 4 MOD2596M Module
Core Italian 2 MOD1629M Module
Core Italian 4 MOD2609M Module
Core Italian 6 MOD3355M Module
Core Spanish 2 MOD1406M Module
Core Spanish Business, Culture And Society 6 MOD3351M Module
Core Spanish for Business 4 MOD2604M Module
Corporate Reputation and Public Relations MKT2020M Module
Crisis Communications MKT9120M Module
Crisis Management TOU3120M Module
Crisis Management for Hospitality Enterprises TOU9171M Module
Critical Perspectives on Cultural and Heritage Management TOU9155M Module
Cultural & Heritage Attractions Management TOU2005M Module
Customer Service Management TOU9162M Module
Databases and Email Marketing AI MKT9709M Module
Destination Management TOU3031M Module
Destination Management: Policy, Planning and Development TOU9163M Module
Destination Marketing & Branding MKT9209M Module
Developing Brands Through Advertising ADV3014M Module
Developing Digital Brands MKT9711M Module
Digital Business and Ecommerce MKT3093M Module
Digital Economy and Digital Cultures TOU3013M Module
Digital Marketing MKT9118M Module
Digital Marketing Planning and Budgeting MKT9708M Module
Digitising Cultural and Heritage Collections TOU9156M Module
Disaster Management TOU3119M Module
Disaster Management TOU9158M Module
Dissertation in Tourism and Sport Business Management TOU3028M Module
Ecommerce, Website Design and SEO MKT9712M Module
English Business, Culture & Society 1 MOD1407M Module
English Business, Culture & Society 2 MOD1408M Module
Enterprise and Strategic Analysis in Tourism, Events and Sports TOU3032M Module
Entrepreneurial Marketing MKT3003M Module
Event Design and Implementation TOU9153M Module
Event Management SBM2018M Module
Events and Sustainability TOU3009M Module
Events Management: Concepts and Practicies TOU1013M Module
Fashion sourcing and merchandising MKT9123M Module
Field Course Module TOU9164M Module
Food Tourism TOU9172M Module
Foundations of Sports Business Management SBM1004M Module
French Advanced 3 MOD2585M Module
French Advanced 5 MOD3338M Module
French Core 1 MOD1401M Module
French Core 3 MOD2593M Module
French Core 5 MOD3346M Module
French Intermediate 3 MOD2597M Module
Global and Local Markets MKT2153M Module
Global Marketing Strategy MKT3022M Module
Global Relationship Marketing MKT9115M Module
Hospitality Operations Management TOU9173M Module
Human Resource Management for hospitality TOU9174M Module
Human Resource Management in the Visitor Economy TOU2230M Module
Innovation and Event Creativity TOU9154M Module
Innovation and Value Creation in Global Sport Business SBM9000M Module
Intermediate French 1 MOD1409M Module
Intermediate French 2 MOD1410M Module
Intermediate German 1 MOD1411M Module
Intermediate German 2 MOD1412M Module
Intermediate German for Business 3 MOD2599M Module
Intermediate Spanish 2 MOD1414M Module
Intermediate Spanish For Business 4 MOD2602M Module
International Marketing and Customers MKT9124M Module
International Marketing Planning MKT9705M Module
Introduction to Advertising ADV1002M Module
Investigating the Experience Economy TOU1014M Module
Italian Core 1 MOD1628M Module
Italian Core 3 MOD2608M Module
Italian Core 5 MOD3354M Module
Managing the Environment for Tourism and Events TOU2028M Module
Managing the Tourism, Events and Hospitality Enterprise TOU9175M Module
Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement MKT9208M Module
Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement MKT9706M Module
Marketing Communications MKT3087M Module
Marketing Communications MKT9125M Module
Marketing Management MKT9205M Module
Marketing of Luxury MKT9126M Module
Marketing Research Insights MKT1104M Module
Media Planning for Advertising ADV2016M Module
Personal Professional Development TOU9166M Module
Planning and Evaluating Event Legacy TOU3012M Module
Policies and Planning for Sport SBM3005M Module
Principles of Marketing (A) MKT1001M Module
Principles of Tourism Management TOU1107M Module
Professional Inquiry Project MKT9714M Module
Project Management for Events TOU2026M Module
Relational Strategies and Digital Media MKT2022M Module
Research Methods for Tourism, events and Hospitality TOU9176M Module
Research Methods for Tourism, Events and Sport TOU2099M Module
Services Marketing MKT2012M Module
Social and Political Perspectives on Tourism TOU3098M Module
Social And Sustainability Marketing MKT2154M Module
Social Media Marketing and Digital Advertising MKT9710M Module
Society, Policy and Ethics in Sport SBM9002M Module
Space, Mobilities and the Experience Economy TOU1015M Module
Spanish Advanced 1 MOD1397M Module
Spanish Advanced 3 MOD2589M Module
Spanish Advanced 5 MOD3342M Module
Spanish Core 1 MOD1405M Module
Spanish Core 3 MOD2603M Module
Spanish Core 5 MOD3350M Module
Spanish Intermediate 1 MOD1413M Module
Spanish Intermediate 3 MOD2601M Module
Sponsorship and Corporate Hospitality SBM2017M Module
Sport Studies: Techniques and Applications SBM1005M Module
Sport, Society and Cultural Values SBM2007M Module
Sports Law for Tourism, Events and Sports Managers TOU2035M Module
Strategic Challenges for International Sports Business SBM9001M Module
Strategic Marketing Planning MKT2021M Module
Sustainability and Responsibility in Marketing MKT9122M Module
The Advertising Process ADV2009M Module
The Fashion Industry MKT9119M Module
The Visitor Experience at Cultural and Heritage Attractions TOU9143M Module
Tour Operations Management TOU2025M Module
Understanding the Visitor Experience TOU2030M Module

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