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Advanced Econometrics I ECO3001M Module
Advanced Econometrics II ECO3002M Module
Advanced Financial Accountancy ACC3162M Module
Advanced Financial Management FIN3026M Module
Advanced Macroeconomics ECO3010M Module
Advanced Management Accountancy ACC3163M Module
Advanced Microeconomics ECO3011M Module
Applied Corporate Finance FIN9109M Module
Audit and Assurance ACC2017M Module
Behavourial Finance and Economics ECO3003M Module
Bond Markets and Investment Analysis FIN9097M Module
Budgeting for Business FIN2142M Module
Business Economics ECO9203M Module
Commercial Bank Management FIN9020M Module
Competition and Regulation ECO2103M Module
Contemporary Issues in Banking FIN2138M Module
Corporate and Business Law ACC9028M Module
Corporate Finance 1 FIN9006M Module
Corporate Finance 2 FIN9007M Module
Current Issues in Governance and Finance ACC9020M Module
Data Analytics (ABD) ECO1023M Module
Decision-Making and Game Theory ECO3101M Module
Development of Economics Thought ECO3110M Module
Dissertation and Research Design for Finance FIN9105M Module
Economic Policy Analysis ECO3004M Module
Economics of Banking ECO3108M Module
Entrepreneurial Finanace FIN3029M Module
European Economies and Europian Integration ECO3013M Module
Finance and Accounting ACC9011M Module
Finance and Management FIN9107M Module
Finance and Management FIN9102M Module
Finance for Business FIN2144M Module
Financial Accountancy ACC2013M Module
Financial Accounting - Group Reporting ACC9005M Module
Financial Accounting - Single Entity ACC9021M Module
Financial Analysis, Appraisal and Decision Making ACC9022M Module
Financial And Human Resource Business Management (RN) FIN3002M Module
Financial Management ACC2015M Module
Financial Management for Business (1) FIN3031M Module
Financial Management for Business (2) FIN3032M Module
Financial Markets and Institutions FIN2139M Module
Financial Reporting FIN9066 Module
Financial Strategy FIN3033M Module
Financial Technology ECO9208M Module
Foundations Of Finance FIN1101M Module
Foundations Of Macroeconomics ECO1030M Module
Foundations Of Microeconomics ECO1029M Module
Fundamentals of Econometrics ECO2003M Module
Governance ACC9032M Module
History of Economic Thought ECO2007M Module
Housing Economics ECO3008M Module
Independent Study (Econ) ECO3200M Module
Intermediate Macroeconomics ECO2004M Module
Intermediate Microeconomics ECO2005M Module
International Accounting 1 ACC2018M Module
International Accounting 2 ACC3168M Module
International Economics ECO2006M Module
International Finance Strategy FIN3038M Module
International Macroeconomics and Finance FIN9026M Module
International Trade Analysis ECO3109M Module
Introduction To Accountancy ACC1027M Module
Introduction to Accountancy & Finance ACC1002M Module
Introduction to Business Finance FIN1012M Module
Introduction to Business Law ACC1026M Module
Investment Banking FIN9023M Module
Lincoln Student Managed Investment Fund - Masters FIN9106M Module
Lincoln Student Managed Investment Fund - Year 1 FIN1014M Module
Lincoln Student Managed Investment Fund - Year 2 FIN2146M Module
Lincoln Student Managed Investment Fund - Year 3 FIN3035M Module
Macroeconomic Environment for Business ECO2110M Module
Management Accountancy ACC2014M Module
Management Accounting - Decision-Making ACC9007M Module
Management Accounting - Planning and Control ACC9004M Module
Management Accounting - Product and Service Costing ACC9003M Module
Management Finance FIN2037M Module
Management of Business Finance FIN1099M Module
Managerial Accounting 1 ACC2019M Module
Managerial Accounting 2 ACC3167M Module
Managerial Economics ECO2111M Module
Managerial Finance FIN9014M Module
Mathematics for Economics and Finance ECO1002M Module
Monetary Theories & Financial Markets ACC2020M Module
Money, Banking and Financial Markets FIN2141M Module
Multinational Enterprises and the Global Economy ECO3102M Module
Organisational and Board Effectiveness ACC9025M Module
Personal Economics ECO3103M Module
Personal Financial Planning FIN3025M Module
Portfolio Analysis FIN9010M Module
Principles of Economics ECO1003M Module
Principles of Macroeconomics ECO2203M Module
Principles of Microeconomics (ECO1025M) ECO1025M Module
Private Banking and Wealth Management FIN3030M Module
Private Banking and Wealth Management FIN9018M Module
Quantitative Methods for Economics and Finance I FIN9027M Module
Quantitative Methods for Economics and Finance II FIN9028M Module
Research Methods ECO2200M Module
Risk Management in Banking FIN9024M Module
Statistics for Economics & Finance ECO1028M Module
Strategic Thinking ACC9026M Module
Sustainability Reporting and Business Ethics ACC9027M Module
Taxation ACC3165M Module
The Multinational Enterprise in Context ECO9001M Module
Topics in Macroeconomic Theory ECO9216M Module
Topics in Microeconomics ECO9218M Module
Trade and International Business ECO1027M Module

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