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Advanced Digital Education: Perspectives and Practice EDM3013 Module
Advanced Psychology of Education EDM3003 Module
Advanced SEND EDM3008 Module
Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education EDM9805 Module
Assessment and Feedback - Reasons and Methods EDM9790 Module
Bullying in Educational Settings EDM9807 Module
Contemporary Issues in Education EDM3002 Module
Critical Engagement with Educational Literature EDM9780 Module
Curriculum: Principles and purposes EDM2007 Module
Digital Learning Advanced EDM3014 Module
Digital Learning Further EDM2016 Module
Digital Learning Work Experience Study One EDM1010 Module
Digital Learning Work Experience Study Three EDM3015 Module
Digital Learning Work Experience Study Two EDM2015 Module
Digital Learning: Curriculum Design And Delivery EDM1009 Module
Dissertation EDM3009 Module
Dissertation (Education) EDM9781 Module
Diversity, Inclusion and Alternative Education EDM2004 Module
Education and Social Justice EDM9172 Module
Education Doctor Of Philosophy EDUPRORP Module
Education in Digital Society EDM2013 Module
Education Practice-Based Project EDM9808 Module
Education Studies EDM2009 Module
Educational leadership and management: theory and practice EDM9187 Module
Educational Policy Making: Global Perspectives EDM9782 Module
Educational research: Conceptualising your research problem EDM9810 Module
Educational research: Pilot study EDM9812 Module
Effective teaching and learning in Higher Education EDM9806 Module
Foundations of Education EDM9166 Module
Foundations of Education (Primary) EDM9189 Module
Geography Pedagogy GEH3010 Module
History of Education EDM3004 Module
Initiating research: Exploring existing knowledge EDM9809 Module
Inspirational Teaching and Learning in Higher Education EDM9789 Module
Intermediate Education EDM2005 Module
Introduction to Education EDM1005 Module
Introduction to Educational Research EDM1006 Module
Introduction to Learning EDM1003 Module
Introduction to Teaching EDM1004 Module
Language and Education EDM9788 Module
Learning through Reflection EDM3007 Module
Lincoln Summer School EDUPROP Module
Mentoring and Coaching for Educational Professionals EDM9783 Module
Perspectives in Education EDM2002 Module
Philosophy of Education EDM3005 Module
Physics Pedagogy PHY3002 Module
Psychology of Education EDM2006 Module
Research design: Understanding disciplinary approaches EDM9811 Module
Research Experience Work Placement EDM9794 Module
Research Methods (Education) EDM9784 Module
Research Methods in Education EDM2003 Module
Research progress report and defence EDM9813 Module
Researching Education EDM9167 Module
Researching Education (Primary) EDM9190 Module
Sociology of Education EDM3006 Module
Special Educational Needs and Disability EDM9785 Module
STEM Education EDM9786 Module
STEM Experience 1 EDM2010 Module
STEM Experience 2 EDM3010 Module
STEM Pedagogy EDM3011 Module
Studies of Childhood EDM2008 Module
Supporting Academic Professional Development EDM9792 Module
Teaching and Research Practice EDM9791 Module
The Art and Craft of Social Theory EDM9793 Module
Thesis - PhD (Professional) Education EDM9787 Module

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