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(Re)Reading The Sociological Canon I SOS2007M Module
(Re)Reading The Sociological Canon II SOS2008M Module
American Exceptionalism POL3082M Module
Analysing Policy Success and Failure POL9007M Module
Analysing The Policy Process SOP3005M Module
Applied Politics POL2068M Module
Applying Criminology CRI2068M Module
Applying Research SOS1004M Module
Approaches to Quantitative Data Analysis SOS2010M Module
Body Politics SOS3002M Module
Care or control? Welfare institutions in Britain before the welfare state SOP3035M Module
Central Asia In Global Politics POL3084M Module
Challenges Of European Politics IST2011M Module
Challenging and Employing Criminological Theories CRI3004M Module
Children, Families And The State SOS3004M Module
Community And Conflict 1 SOP3006M Module
Community and Conflict 2 SOP3007M Module
Comparative Legislatures POL9006M Module
Comparative Politics And Policy POL2001M Module
Conceptualising Sex Work SOS2003M Module
Conflict Analysis IST2016M Module
Contemporary Social Theories And Approaches SOS3007M Module
CoSS Study Abroad Module Social and Political Sciences SOS2020M Module
Counter-Terrorism Studies CRI3008M Module
Counter-Terrorism Studies POL3085M Module
Crime in Literature CRI2003M Module
Crimes of the Powerful CRI3076M Module
Criminology in the Professions CRI2002M Module
Critical Reading in the Social and Political Sciences SOS9014M Module
Critiquing Criminological Theory CRI9008M Module
Debating Welfare States SOP2012M Module
Developing Academic Literacy in Social & Political Sciences POL1102M Module
Diversity, Difference And Exclusion SOP2004M Module
Drugs and Society SOL3001M Module
Emotions In Everyday Social Life SOS3005M Module
Experiencing Prison CRI3077M Module
Feminisms: Theories and Debates SOS9016M Module
Foreign Policy Analysis IST2010M Module
Gender And Violence SOS3006M Module
Gender, Deviance, Crime and Society CRI9002M Module
Global Civil Society IST3004M Module
Global Conflicts And Contexts IST1100M Module
Global Governance IST3005M Module
Global Health: Policy and Practice IST9003M Module
Global Issues in Gender and Sexuality SOP9199M Module
Global Politics & Religion IST9011M Module
Globalisation SOP9183 Module
Governing America POL2008M Module
Harm, Agency and Regulation SOS3061M Module
Human Rights SOS3152M Module
Ideas and Issues in Political Economy IST2012M Module
Ideology Into Practice SOP2001M Module
Images of Crime and Criminal Justice CRI1151M Module
Independent Study SOP3009M Module
Independent Study SOS3001M Module
Independent Study (Criminology) CRI3007M Module
Independent Study (Politics And International Relations) POL3002M Module
Independent Study (Social Policy and Sociology) SOP3008M Module
Independent Study in Gender Studies SOS9011M Module
International Human Rights Law SOP9182 Module
International Organisations IST9010M Module
International Relations of the Middle East IST3009M Module
International Relations Of The Middle East IST2014M Module
Internationalising Cultural Studies SOS2002M Module
Key Social Science Concepts SOS1005M Module
Life After Prison CRI3078M Module
Masculinities, Power and Society SOS9012M Module
Master's Dissertation in International Relations IST9004M Module
Master's Dissertation in Politics POL9008M Module
Methodologies for Independent Study CRI2007M Module
Model United Nations IST2003M Module
Multiculturalism and Britishness POL3003M Module
Nations And Nationalism POL2069M Module
Negotiated (work based) learning project (Politics, Policy and Leadership) POL9011M Module
New Social Movements POL3004M Module
Parliamentary Studies POL3005M Module
Penology And Penal Policy CRI3073M Module
Police Studies CRI3005M Module
Policing Crime and Deviance CRI2004M Module
Political Analysis POL9004M Module
Political Leadership POL9009M Module
Political Parties POL2005M Module
Political Transformations of Russia and China POL3006M Module
Politics and Public Policy POL9005M Module
Politics and Society in Contemporary China POL2006M Module
Politics Master Of Philosophy (MPhil) / Doctor Of Philosophy (PhD) HSPHPO8 Module
Postcolonial Studies SOP9194 Module
Psychology In Prisons CRI3006M Module
Psychology in the Criminal Justice Process CRI2005M Module
Psychology, Crime and Criminology CRI3002M Module
Public and Political Leadership in Practice POL9010M Module
Public Policy, Administration Management SOP9185 Module
Race and Racism SOS3155M Module
Regions and Regionalisms IST2015M Module
Researching In Social Science SOS2012M Module
Researching Politics And International Relations IST2006M Module
Researching Social and Political Sciences SOS9015M Module
Sex, Sexuality and Gender in Asia POL9003M Module
Social Engagement SOP2011M Module
Social Issues And Social Justice SOP1001M Module
Social Science In The Professions SOS2017M Module
Sociological Imagination SOS1006M Module
Sociology of Education SOS2019M Module
Sociology of Health and Illness SOL3002M Module
Sociology of Law SOS2013M Module
Sociology of Religion SOS2014M Module
State Crime & Atrocity IST9005M Module
Study Abroad CRI2009M Module
Terrorism SOP9189 Module
Terrorism and Extremism in the United Kingdom CRI3009M Module
The Colonial Present IST3006M Module
The Developing World IST3007M Module
The Politics of Energy POL3007M Module
The Politics of Global Health IST3008M Module
The Politics Of Masculinity POL3001M Module
The Politics of Migration in the UK and Western Europe POL3083M Module
The Politics of Sex and Sexuality POL2070M Module
The Vigilant State: intelligence and national security POL2007M Module
Theories and Concepts in International Relations IST9006M Module
Thinking International Relations IST2004M Module
Thinking Politics POL2003M Module
Transition From Communism to Post-Communism SOP9198 Module
Transnational and Organised Crime SOP9190 Module
Transnational Security Studies IST9008M Module
Transnational Security Studies IST2018M Module
U.S. Exceptionalism IST9009M Module
Understanding Domestic Abuse CRI2010M Module
Understanding The City SOP2009M Module
Understanding the European Union IST2013M Module
Understanding The Policy Process SOP3004M Module
War Crimes And Genocide SOS3062M Module
Welfare Policy And Work SOP2010M Module
Who Runs Britain? Power, Politics And Beyond POL1100M Module
Work And Society SOS2015M Module
Youth Justice CRI2006M Module
Youth, Culture and Resistance SOS2001M Module

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