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Addictions PSY3017M Module
Advanced Multivariate Statistics PSY3006M Module
Advanced Research Internship PSY9217M Module
Advanced Research Methods & Skills PSY9003 Module
Advanced Research Methods in Psychology PSY9250M Module
Advanced Topics in Developmental Psychology PSY9227M Module
Applications of Organisational Psychology PSY3187M Module
Applied Neuropsychology PSY9216M Module
Approaches in Coaching Psychology PSY3189M Module
Approaches in Organisational Psychology PSY3188M Module
Approaches to Mindfulness: Mechanisms and Applications PSY3192M Module
Approaches To Treatment And Therapy PSY3019M Module
Approaches to Treatment in Forensic Settings PSY3002M Module
Autistic Spectrum Disorders PSY3012M Module
B - Research Module PSY9228M Module
B - Research Portfolio PSY9229M Module
Body image and eating disorders PSY3186M Module
Brain & Behaviour PSY2119M Module
Brain, Behaviour & Cognition PSY1160M Module
Brain, Behaviour and Lifespan Development PSY9249M Module
Character Strengths And Virtues PSY2172M Module
Character Strengths at Work PSY2020M Module
Clinical And Experimental Neuropsychology PSY3010M Module
Cognition PSY2006M Module
Cognitive Neuroscience of Visual Attention PSY3164M Module
Community Psychology PSY3191M Module
Comparative Social Behaviour and Cognition PSY2011M Module
Conceptual & Historical Issues in Psychology PSY1161M Module
Conceptual Psychology PSY3120M Module
Conceptual, Historical And Philosophical Issues In Psychology PSY2180M Module
Counselling Skills And Theory PSY3015M Module
Counselling Skills in Action PSY9254M Module
Cross-Cultural Psychology PSY3125M Module
Developing Individual In Society PSY1162M Module
Developmental Cognitive Neuropsychology PSY3011M Module
Developmental Psychology PSY2004M Module
Developmental Psychopathology PSY3007M Module
Discourse PSY3009M Module
Dissertation PSY3121M Module
Early Research Assessments PSY9230M Module
Evolution and Human Social Behaviour PSY9247M Module
Evolutionary Psychology PSY2007M Module
Families, Groups and Indirect Work PSY9206M Module
Fantasy Neuroscience PSY3165M Module
Forensic Child Psychology PSY9006 Module
Foundation Placement A PSY9232M Module
Foundation Placement B PSY9233M Module
Foundations Of Applied Psychology PSY1163M Module
Foundations of Clincial Psychology PSY1166M Module
Foundations of Forensic Psychology PSY1167M Module
From Molecules to Mind PSY3181M Module
From the Lab to the World: Psychology Research in Practice PSY9226M Module
Health Psychology PSY2182M Module
High Intensity Psychological Interventions (HIPI) HIPINTPD Module
HIPI 1: The Fundamentals of CBT PSY9272M Module
HIPI 2: Working with Anxiety PSY9273M Module
HIPI 3: Working with Depression PSY9274M Module
HIPI 4: Placement and Portfolio PSY9275M Module
Individual Client Interventions PSY9231M Module
Integration and Specialist Options PSY9235M Module
International Study PSY2179M Module
Introduction To Cognitive Behavioural Therapy PSY3177M Module
Introduction To Programming For Psychology PSY9248M Module
Investigative and Courtroom Psychology PSY3178M Module
Learning And Conditioning PSY2013M Module
Lifespan Development PSY9234M Module
Measurement and Evaluation of Effectiveness and Change (1) PSY9255M Module
Measurement and Evaluation of Effectiveness and Change (2) PSY9256M Module
Mental Health And Disorder PSY2173M Module
MSc Thesis PSY9008M Module
MSc Thesis (Counselling) PSY9277M Module
MSc Thesis (Forensic Psychology) PSY9278M Module
Occupational Psychology PSY3173M Module
Patterns of Action PSY3168M Module
Perception And Visual Art PSY3174M Module
Person Centred Approaches to Growth PSY9257M Module
Postgraduate Psychology Tutorial PSY9244M Module
Processes of Investigation and Justice PSY9011 Module
Professional Practice and Risk PSY9013 Module
Professional Practice Hours PSY9258M Module
Professional Skills PSY9189M Module
Psychodynamic Therapy: Theory And Practice PSY3013M Module
Psychological Assessment & Psychometrics PSY2174M Module
Psychological Literacy and Work Experience PSY2171M Module
Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner PWP Module
Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner PWPPWPPC Module
Psychology in the News PSY2163M Module
Psychology of Human-Animal Interaction PSY2183M Module
Psychology of Music PSY3180M Module
Psychology of Prisons PSY2186M Module
Psychology of war and peace PSY2181M Module
Psychopharmacology: Drugs, Brain and Behaviour PSY3021M Module
PWP 1 Engagement and Assessment PSY9262M Module
PWP 2 Evidence Based Intervention PSY9263M Module
PWP 3 Values, Diversity and Context PSY9264M Module
PWP 4 Placement and Portfolio PSY9265M Module
PWPPC 1: Engagement And Assessment PSY3182M Module
PWPPC 2: Evidence Based Intervention PSY3183M Module
PWPPC 3 Values, Diversity And Context PSY3184M Module
PWPPC 4 Placement And Portfolio PSY3185M Module
Reading PSY9252M Module
Reflective Practice PSY9259M Module
Research Internship Elective PSY2165M Module
Research Methods and Assessments in Developmental Psychology PSY9253M Module
Research Methods And Skills PSY9219M Module
Research Methods In Developmental Psychology PSY9220M Module
Research Methods in Perception and Cognition PSY9221M Module
Research Methods in Psychology PSY9251M Module
Research Skills I PSY1164M Module
Research Skills II PSY1165M Module
Research Skills III PSY2175M Module
Research Skills IV PSY2176M Module
Risk Perception, Assessment and Management PSY3003M Module
Second Year Placements PSY9236M Module
Sleep, Cognition and Well-being PSY3179M Module
Sleep, Dreaming And Circadian Rhythms PSY3175M Module
Sleep, Emotion And Cognition PSY3145M Module
Social and Emotional Development PSY9027M Module
Social Psychology PSY2003M Module
Social Theories & Applications PSY2162M Module
Solution Focused Coaching in Practice PSY3190M Module
Systems and Organisations PSY9207M Module
Theories and Mechanisms in Developmental Psychology PSY9028M Module
Theory-Practice Links: Integrating Theoretical Systems of Psychotherapy PSY9260M Module
Third Year Placements PSY9237M Module
Understanding Criminal Behaviour PSY9224M Module
Understanding Mental Health & Wellbeing PSY2177M Module
Understanding Offending Behaviour PSY2178M Module
Vision PSY3131M Module
Work Experience PSY9270M Module
Work Experience PSY2187M Module
Working Professionally as a Counsellor PSY9261M Module
Working with Client Groups PSY9012 Module

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