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A Comprehensive Approach To History Taking And Physical Assessment HEA3430 Module
ACP Advanced Assessment HEA9052 Module
ACP Advanced Clinical Reasoning HEA9053 Module
ACP Capabilities in Practice HEA9058 Module
ACP Consolidating Advanced Practice HEA9056 Module
ACP Leadership in Advanced Practice HEA9059 Module
ACP Research in Practice HEA9055 Module
ACP Research Methods HEA9054 Module
Acupuncture Clinical Practice 1 CPM3127 Module
Acupuncture Clinical Practice 2 CPM3128 Module
Acupuncture Management of Chronic Diseases CPM3126 Module
Acupuncture Management of Common Diseases CPM3125 Module
Additional Imaging Modalities RAD2001 Module
Advanced Herbal Therapeutics CPM3129 Module
Advanced musculoskeletal practice portfolio HEP9002 Module
Advanced practice for palliative care HEA9010 Module
Advanced Social Work Practice with Adults SOW9085 Module
Advanced Social Work Practice with Children, Young People and Families SOW9086 Module
Advanced Urgent Care NUR9015 Module
Advancing Medical Imaging Practice RAD3001 Module
Advancing Occupational Therapy Practice OCU9001 Module
Advancing Person-centred care in Adult Nursing NUR9026 Module
Advancing Person-centred Nursing Practice NUR3034 Module
Advancing Physiotherapy Practice PHS9001 Module
Advancing Skills For Paramedic Science PAR3006 Module
Alternative approaches to Health and Social Care – the art and science HEA2045 Module
An interprofessional approach to diabetes care HEA9447 Module
An introduction to Public Health HEA9443 Module
Analysing Contemporary Issues in the Media HEA2035 Module
Analysing Professional Practice SOW9087 Module
Applied Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology for Radiography RAD1001 Module
Applied Behavioural Science PAR1006 Module
Applied Health Improvement HEA9431 Module
Applied Research Methods APS2002 Module
Applied Sciences In Midwifery MID1002 Module
Applied Sciences in Occupational Therapy OCU9002 Module
Applied Sciences in Physiotherapy PHS9002 Module
Applied Sciences in Speech and Language Therapy SPL9001 Module
Applying Midwifery Practice MID2006 Module
Applying Professional learning SOW9088 Module
Approaches to Research HEP9010 Module
Approved Mental Capacity Professional HEA9439 Module
Approved Mental Health Professional Practice Placement SOW9089 Module
Assessed Practice One SOW9064 Module
Assessed Practice Two SOW9065 Module
Assessed Social Work Practice Placement Two, Practice Portfolio Two SOW3524 Module
Assessed Social Work Practice Placement, Practice Portfolio 1 SOW2523 Module
Assessing Needs, Planning and Coordinating Care NUR2037 Module
Assessing needs, planning and coordinating care (L7) NUR9038 Module
Assessment and Clinical Judgement in Physiotherapy PHS9003 Module
Assessment and Clinical Reasoning in Occupational Therapy OCU9003 Module
Assessment and evaluation for learning HEA9428 Module
Assessment and management of minor illness and minor injury NUR9016 Module
Assessment and Management of Minor Injuries HEA3442 Module
Assessment, Diagnosis and Clinical Judgement in Practice NUR9017 Module
Assimilating Adult Nursing Practice 1A: The Fundamentals of Nursing Care NUR1020 Module
Assimilating Adult Nursing Practice 1B: Promoting Professional Values NUR1021 Module
Assimilating Mental Health Nursing Practice 1A: The Fundamentals of Theraputic Care NUR1023 Module
Assimilating Mental Health Nursing Practice 1B: Promoting Professional Values NUR1024 Module
Becoming an accountable professional nursing associate NUR2041 Module
Behavioural Science: Helping People Change HEA2046 Module
Being a Professional Social Worker SOW3525 Module
Being a Social Worker SOW3015 Module
Being a Social Worker/End Point Assessment SOW3521 Module
Being an accountable professional (nursing L6) NUR3044 Module
Being an Accountable Professional Registered Nurse (Adult) (L7) NUR9039 Module
Being an Accountable Professional Registered Nurse (Child) (L7) NUR9043 Module
Being an Accountable Professional Registered Nurse (Mental Health) (L7) NUR9044 Module
Being Ready for Social Work Practice SOW1050 Module
Best Interests Assessor SOW9049 Module
Best Interests Assessor BTINASPI-MAR Module
Bio-Psychosocial Foundations of Midwifery MID1006 Module
Care Across The Lifespan PAR2006 Module
Care Management in Adult Nursing NUR9027 Module
Care of the Newborn MID3006 Module
Career Planning APS2003 Module
Circumstances of Prehospital Critical Care HEP9006 Module
Clinical and Professional Practice for Speech and language Therapists 1 SPL9002 Module
Clinical and Professional Practice for Speech and Language Therapists 2 SPL9003 Module
Clinical Pharmacology For Paramedic Science PAR3007 Module
Clinical Skills for General Practice Nurses (GPN2) HEA9442 Module
Cognition And Interpretation In Nursing NUR2024 Module
Communication and Engagement Skills HEA1023 Module
Communication and Study Skills APS1002 Module
Comparative Health in Health and Social Care HEA2036 Module
Complex Care for Mental Health Nursing NUR3038 Module
Comprehensive Assessment of the Frail Older Adult HEA9031 Module
Confirmation of Readiness for Practice SOW1529 Module
Contemporary Issues in Statutory Social Work Practice SOW9034 Module
Context and principles underpinning health and social care practices NUR1025 Module
Contextualised Personal Development And Study Skills (Health And Social Care) NUR1026 Module
Contributing to the Evidence Base HEA9465 Module
Counselling and Guidance Skills HEA3031 Module
Creating Safer Organisations and Teams HEP9011 Module
Criminology And Social Justice HEA2037 Module
Critical and Reflective Application of Knowledge SOW9090 Module
Critical Concepts And Issues In International Social Work SOW9104 Module
Decision Making, Leadership And Team Working For The Nursing Associate NUR2031 Module
Defensible Decision Making SOW9091 Module
Delivering Contemporary Critical Care NUR3006 Module
Delivery of Person Centred Care NUR1027 Module
Developing Holistic Midwifery Care MID1007 Module
Developing Interprofessional and Collaborative Practice RAD1002 Module
Developing learning and teaching practice HEA9429 Module
Developing Practice In Physiotherapy PHS9016 Module
Developing Skills For Paramedic Science PAR2007 Module
Dissertation PHS9007 Module
Dissertation HEA9455 Module
Dissertation HEA3038 Module
Dissertation (MSc Social Work) SOW9037 Module
Eating, Drinking and Swallowing SPL9004 Module
Enabling Service Transformation, Integration and Change HEA3439 Module
Engaging with Adult Nursing Practice NUR9029 Module
Engaging With Adult Nursing Practice 2A: Promoting Ethical Practice NUR2025 Module
Engaging With Adult Nursing Practice 2B: History Taking And Assessment NUR2026 Module
Engaging with Mental Health Nursing Practice 2A: Promoting Ethical Practice NUR2028 Module
Engaging With Mental Health Nursing Practice 2B: Assessment And Planning For Recovery NUR2029 Module
Enhanced ECG Interpretation HEA9444 Module
Enhanced Practice In Acute Mental Health Care NUR9023 Module
Enhancing and Developing Professional Practice RAD2002 Module
Equality, Diversity And Human Rights HEA3032 Module
Essential Clinical And Care Skills In Health And Social Care NUR1028 Module
Essential Interprofessional Practice HEA9432 Module
Essential Midwifery Practice MID1008 Module
Essential Occupational Therapy Practice OCU9004 Module
Essential Physiotherapy Practice PHS9004 Module
Essential Principles in Palliative and End of Life Care NUR3026 Module
Essential Skills For Ambulance Clinical Technicians PAR1010 Module
Essential Skills for Nursing Practice NUR1019 Module
Essential Skills For Paramedic Science PAR1007 Module
Evaluating Midwifery Practice MID3007 Module
Evidence and Improvement in Social Work SOW3526 Module
Evidence and Improvement in Social Work SOW3522 Module
Evidence Informed Practice HEA3440 Module
Evidencing ongoing professional development HEA9449 Module
Evidencing ongoing professional development HEA9450 Module
Falls in Older People: Assessment, Prevention and Management HEA9032 Module
Final Year Project APS3003 Module
Forging Values Based Nursing Practice NUR2027 Module
Foundations In Critical Care HEA3431 Module
Foundations of Physiotherapy Practice PHS9012 Module
Fundamental Nursing Care NUR1030 Module
Fundamental Nursing Care (Nursing Associate) NUR1036 Module
Fundamental Radiographic Science and Instrumentation RAD1003 Module
Fundamentals in Tissue Viability (Level 6) HEA3438 Module
Fundamentals Of Anatomy And Physiology PAR1008 Module
Health Promotion and Behavioural Change HEA3033 Module
Health Promotion: Making Sense of the Biological Person HEA1410 Module
Health Psychology HEA2038 Module
Healthcare Sciences NUR2038 Module
Healthcare Sciences NUR2038M-3 Module
Healthcare Sciences (Nursing Associate) NUR2042 Module
Holistic Midwifery Practice MID2002 Module
Holistic Person-centred Children's Nursing Care NUR1034 Module
Holistic Person-centred Mental Health Nursing Care NUR1035 Module
Human Bioscience HEA1024 Module
Human Rights, Justice and Wellbeing: A Global Social Work Perspective SOW9066 Module
Impacting On Adult Nursing Practice 3A: Improving And Transforming Practice NUR3035 Module
Impacting On Adult Nursing Practice 3B: Managing And Leading Complex Care NUR3036 Module
Impacting on Mental Health Nursing Practice 3A: Improving and Transforming Practice NUR3039 Module
Impacting on Mental Health Nursing Practice 3B: Managing and Leading Complex Care NUR3040 Module
Improvement And Innovation In Practice NUR2032 Module
Independent Study NUR3021 Module
Independent Study (Complimentary Medicine) CPM3114 Module
Independent Study for Herbal Medicine CPM3130 Module
Independent/Supplementary Prescribing HEA9306 Module
Individualised Consultation NUR3052 Module
Infection Control for Clinical Practice NUR3054 Module
Infection Control for Clinical Practice NUR3013 Module
Injection Therapy for Musculoskeletal Practice HEP9003 Module
Innovation to Transformation in Adult Nursing Practice NUR9031 Module
Innovation to Transformation in Midwifery Practice MID3002 Module
Innovation To Transformation In Nursing Practice NUR3037 Module
Innovation to transformation in nursing practice NUR3045 Module
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Researching Genders and Sexualities SOS9004 Module
Interprofessional And Collaborative Practice Across The Health Professions PAR1009 Module
Interprofessional Practice (Approved Mental Health Professional) INTAMHPD Module
Interprofessional Practice Analysis SOW3527 Module
Interprofessional Safeguarding across the life course HEA9440 Module
Interprofessional working and behaviour change HEA9453 Module
Introduction to Nutrition and Health APS2005 Module
Knowledge and Theories for Social Work SOW1526 Module
Knowledge and Theories for Social Work SOW1522 Module
Leadership and Management HEA3034 Module
Leadership and Practice Education NUR3046 Module
Leadership And Practice Education PAR3008 Module
Leadership and Practice Education (15crd version) HEP3002 Module
Leadership and Practice Education (Diagnostic Radiography) RAD3002 Module
Leadership and Safeguarding in an Organisational Context HEP9008 Module
Leadership and Supervision in Nursing Practice NUR9041 Module
Leadership in Physiotherapy PHS9008 Module
Leading and managing complex adult care NUR3049 Module
Leading and managing complex children's care NUR3050 Module
Leading and managing complex learning disabilities nursing care NUR3055 Module
Leading and managing complex mental health care NUR3051 Module
Leading Innovation for Contemporary Occupational Therapy Practice OCU9006 Module
Leading Practice in Contemporary Gerontology for Health and Social Care HEA9033 Module
Learning, Teaching And Developing Self And Others NUR2033 Module
Level 7 Foundations in Adult Critical Care NUR9035 Module
Managing complex care (L7) NUR9042 Module
Medical Imaging Practice 1 RAD1004 Module
Medical Imaging Practice 2 RAD2003 Module
Medicines Management For Nursing Associates NUR1029 Module
Mental Health And Wellbeing HEA2039 Module
Mental Health: Law and Policy SOW9092 Module
Midwifery Practice 1A MID1003 Module
Midwifery Practice 1B MID1004 Module
Midwifery Practice 2A MID2005 Module
Midwifery Practice 2B MID2003 Module
Midwifery Practice 3A MID3003 Module
Midwifery Practice 3B MID3004 Module
Musculoskeletal assessment, diagnosis and management for First Contact Practice HEP9001 Module
Musculoskeletal Clinical Reasoning PHS9010 Module
Musculoskeletal Interventions PHS9011 Module
National, Global and International Context of Safeguarding for Senior Leaders HEP9013 Module
Negotiated work-based learning HEA9451 Module
Negotiated work-based learning HEA9452 Module
New Directions in Integrated Health & Social Care HEA9448 Module
Nursing and the interprofessional team NUR1031 Module
Nursing And The Interprofessional Team (Nursing Associate) NUR1037 Module
Nursing Associate FdSc NURASOUF Module
Older Adult Mental Health NUR9024 Module
Older Adult Mental Health Level 6 NUR3043 Module
Paedeatric Urgent Care Level 6 HEA3443 Module
Paediatric Urgent Care Level 7 NUR9037 Module
Pathophysiology for Healthcare NUR9018 Module
Pathophysiology For Pre-Hospital Professionals PAR2008 Module
Patients in Prehospital Critical Care HEP9004 Module
People, Personality And Disorder In Mental Health Care HEA9025 Module
Person Centred Cancer Care HEA9446 Module
Person-centred Holistic Care Skills For Nursing Associates NUR1038 Module
Person-centred holistic learning disabilities nursing care NUR1042 Module
Person-centred, holistic adult nursing care NUR1032 Module
Personal and Professional Values APS1003 Module
Personal Development and Resilience NUR1033 Module
Personal Development And Resilience (Nursing Associate) NUR1039 Module
Physiotherapy Science and Practice PHS9009 Module
Planning and facilitating learning HEA9427 Module
Politics, Policy And People HEA2040 Module
Practical Linguistics and Phonetics SPL9005 Module
Practice / Service Innovation Project: Research Dissertation HEA9043 Module
Practice Analysis SOW2524 Module
Practice Analysis SOW2519 Module
Practice Development through Research SOW9093 Module
Practice Education 1 SOW9040 Module
Practice Education 1 PRTED1PI Module
Practice Education 2 SOW9039 Module
Practice Education 2 PRTED2PI Module
Practice Placement Two SOW3016 Module
Pre-Hospital Paediatrics And Obstetrics PAR2009 Module
Preparation for Employment and Practice RAD3003 Module
Preparation for Practice CPM3131 Module
Preparing for Adult Nursing Registration NUR9033 Module
Preparing for Working with Children and Young People HEA3013 Module
Prescribing Effectively NUR9003 Module
Prescribing Effectively NUR3032 Module
Prescribing Governance NUR3053 Module
Prescribing in Context NUR3031 Module
Prescribing in Context NUR9004 Module
Principles of Learning & Teaching in Health & Social Care Professions Education HEA9051 Module
Proactive management of long term conditions NUR9021 Module
Proactive Maternity Care MID2004 Module
Professional Aspects of Midwifery Care MID1009 Module
Professional Development Portfolio (Level 6) HEA3441 Module
Professional Development Review One SOW1523 Module
Professional Development Review Three SOW3523 Module
Professional Development Review Two SOW2520 Module
Professional Ethics and Social Justice SOW9109 Module
Professional Nurse Advocate NUR9057 Module
Professional Practice in Primary Care (GPN1) HEA9441 Module
Professional Social Work Practice SOW1524 Module
Professional Social Work Practice SOW1527 Module
Professional Values and Team Working for Clinical Practice NUR1022 Module
Promoting and Preventing Ill Health NUR2039 Module
Promoting health and preventing ill health (Nursing Associate) NUR2043 Module
Promoting Health For Individuals NUR2034 Module
Promoting Self-Management of Physical Ill Health HEA9035 Module
Protecting Children and Adults at Risk of Abuse in Faith-based organisations HEP9014 Module
Providing and Evaluating Care NUR2040 Module
Providing and evaluating care (L7) NUR9040 Module
Providing and evaluating care (Nursing Associate) NUR2044 Module
Psychological And Social Development (Adults) HEA1025 Module
Psychological And Social Development (Children) HEA1026 Module
Psychology of health and mental wellbeing HEA2048 Module
Public Health And Building Community Capacity NUR2035 Module
Public Health and Global Midwifery MID2007 Module
Public Health and Health Determinants PAR2011 Module
Public Health: Making sense of the psychological, social and political person HEA1411 Module
Radiographic Science and Instrumentation RAD2004 Module
Reablement HEA9430 Module
Readiness for Practice in Social Work SOW9067 Module
Recognising And Responding To Change HEA2041 Module
Recognising Common Conditions And Early Signs Of Ill Health NUR2036 Module
Recovery Focussed Care (Mental Health) NUR2030 Module
Research And Evidence Based Practice PAR3009 Module
Research And Service Evaluation For Clinical Practice HEA9026 Module
Research in Health Care RAD3004 Module
Research Informed Practice SOW9094 Module
Research Methods HEA2042 Module
Research Methods - distance learning HEA9454 Module
Research Methods - Taught HEA9456 Module
Research Methods in Health HEA9426 Module
Research Skills for Practice RAD1005 Module
Research Skills for Practice 2 RAD2005 Module
Research, Social Work and Practice SOW3017 Module
Respectful Family Centred Care MID1005 Module
Responsible Care of the Newborn MID3005 Module
Return to Practice (Nursing) NUR3041 Module
Safe and Effective Midwifery Care MID2008 Module
Safeguarding Dissertation HEP9016 Module
Safeguarding for Senior Leaders HEP9009 Module
Safeguarding: Research Informed Practice SOW9032 Module
Safeguarding: the Media and Public Relations HEP9015 Module
Service Evaluation for Clinical Practice HEA9433 Module
Service Evaluation for Clinical Practice NUR9019 Module
Service Innovation, Development and Evaluation HEA9044 Module
Service Transformation HEA9434 Module
Service Transformation Project for Frail Older Adult Services HEA9037 Module
Skills for Health and Social Care: for study and the workplace HEA1412 Module
Skills for Professional Development HEA3035 Module
Skills For Transformational Leadership In Social Work SOW9114 Module
Social Aspects of Health HEA1027 Module
Social Policy Issues Through the Life Course SOW9068 Module
Social Work in Context: Law, Policy and Interventions SOW1042 Module
Social Work with Adults SOW2525 Module
Social Work With Adults SOW2521 Module
Social Work With Children And Families SOW2522 Module
Social Work with Children and Families SOW2526 Module
Study Abroad HEA2044 Module
Supervising Professional Practice SOW9095 Module
Supporting Learning And Assessment In Practice NUR3025 Module
Supporting Learning and Assessment in Practice (Level 6) SUPLEAUI Module
Supporting Learning And Assessment In Practice (Masters Level) SUPLEAPI Module
Supporting Learning and Assessment in Practice (Non-assessed) SUPLEANC Module
Supporting People Affected by Safeguarding HEP9012 Module
Systems Involved in Prehospital Critical Care HEP9005 Module
Technology Enhanced Care HEA9445 Module
The Consultation NUR9005 Module
The Consultation (level 6) NUR3030 Module
The Consultation for Pharmacists NUR9036 Module
The Legal Context of Social Work Practice SOW9069 Module
The Midwife as a Leader MID3008 Module
The Midwife as a Scholar MID2009 Module
The Political Economy Of Health And Social Care HEA9045 Module
The Public's Health HEA1028 Module
Theories and Perspectives on Mental Disorder SOW9096 Module
Theory, Assessment and Methods SOW9028 Module
Time Critical Complex and Special Populations PAR1011 Module
Transformational Leadership and Management HEA9046 Module
Transforming Communities HEA9047 Module
Transforming Midwifery Practice MID3009 Module
Understanding and engaging with the neighbourhood and community HEA1413 Module
Understanding Change Management And Leadership Styles HEA3444 Module
Using Knowledge in Practice SOW1528 Module
Using Knowledge In Practice SOW1525 Module
Values Based Commissioning HEA9048 Module
Values, Ethics and Rights HEA1029 Module
Work Opportunities Study APS3004 Module
Working Well with Dementia HEA9039 Module
Working With Adults HEA3036 Module
Working With Children and Families HEA3037 Module
Working with the Mental capacity Act SOW9097 Module

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