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Action Research in Education EDM3001 Module
Advanced Biomechanical Analysis SES3002 Module
Advanced Research Methods SES2055 Module
Advanced Skills In Sports Therapy SES3254 Module
Advanced Sport and Exercise Nutrition SES3016 Module
Advanced Sport Physiology SES3017 Module
Advanced Strength And Conditioning SES3025 Module
An Introduction To Musculoskeletal Injuries SES1240 Module
Applied Exercise Physiology SES2020 Module
Applied Health Physiology SES2021 Module
Applied Movement Analysis SES2044 Module
Applied Principles Of Teaching And Coaching SES2056 Module
Applied Sport And Exercise Psychology SES3003 Module
Applied Sport Science Support SES9011 Module
Applied Strength And Conditioning SES2035 Module
Biomechanical Assessment and Research SES9007 Module
Biomechanical Basis Of Human Movement SES1011 Module
Clinical Reasoning in Practice SES9033 Module
Community Health Development SES3012 Module
Concepts in Educational Contexts SES2248 Module
Contemporary Issues in Physical Education SES3011 Module
Critical Issues In Coaching SES3020 Module
Delivering Applied Sport Psychology SES9009 Module
Developing Physical Literacy SES1026 Module
Dissertation SES3024 Module
Dissertation (Sports Therapy Masters) SES9034 Module
Essential Skills in Sports Therapy SES1241 Module
Essentials In Functional Anatomy SES1242 Module
Exercise Instruction SES2067 Module
Exercise Prescription for Health SES3013 Module
Fitness Testing & Training SES2027 Module
Foundations In Human Nutrition SES1068 Module
Foundations In Sport And Exercise Science SES1051 Module
Foundations In Strength And Conditioning SES1029 Module
Functional Anatomy and Human Movement SES9035 Module
Fundamentals Of Human Physiology SES1021 Module
Fundamentals Of Teaching And Coaching SES1055 Module
Health Promotion And Development SES3021 Module
Inclusive Sport And Physical Activity SES3022 Module
Introduction To Psychological Principles SES1022 Module
Investigation and Communication in Applied Sport Science SES9010 Module
New Directions In Physical Education SES3018 Module
Nutrition for Health and Performance SES2022 Module
Performance Analysis SES2028 Module
Personal Training SES3014 Module
Physical Activity And Health SES2029 Module
Physical Activity And Public Health SES1024 Module
Physical Education Pedagogy 1 SES1027 Module
Physical Education Pedagogy 2 SES2030 Module
Physical Education Pedagogy 3 SES3019 Module
Policy in Sport Development & Physical Education SES2031 Module
Practical Skills for Sports Therapy 1 SES9036 Module
Practical Skills for Sports Therapy 2 SES9037 Module
Practical Skills In Sports Therapy SES2246 Module
Professional Practice in Sports Therapy SES9038 Module
Project Management For Sport SES2032 Module
Promoting Physical Activity and Health SES2023 Module
Psychology Of Performance And Participation SES2033 Module
Psychology of Physical Activity SES2024 Module
Research Methods and Analysis SES2025 Module
Research Methods and Skills SES9006 Module
Research Skills SES1023 Module
Scientific Support In Practice SES3023 Module
Social Justice Issues in Sport and Physical Activity SES3256 Module
Sociological Issues In PE And Sport SES1028 Module
Sociological Issues in Sports Development SES3010 Module
Special Populations SES3015 Module
Sport & Exercise Psychology SES2005 Module
Sport & Exercise Rehabilitation SES9039 Module
Sport and Exercise Nutrition SES3006 Module
Sport And Exercise Rehabilitation SES2247 Module
Sport And Exercise Science Master of Philosophy (MPhil) / Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) HSPHSE8 Module
Sport Development Environment SES1052 Module
Sport Physiology SES9008 Module
Sport Science Research Project SES9012 Module
Sport, Physical Education And Social Theory SES2034 Module
Sports Therapy And Clinical Practice SES3255 Module
Strategic Management in Sport SES3059 Module
Strength and Conditioning SES3009 Module
Study Abroad SES2245 Module
Women, Sport & Physical Cultures SOS9019 Module

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