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Advanced French 2 MOD1394M Module
Advanced French for Business 4 MOD2586M Module
Advanced German for Business 4 MOD2588M Module
Applied Logistics and Supply Chain Management MGT2280M Module
Applied Consumer Behaviour MKT9703M Module
Applied Problem Solving Within The Humanitarian Supply Chain LOG3010M Module
Business And Society MGT1023M Module
Business Ethics ECO3107M Module
Chinese Accelerated 3 MOD2481M Module
Chinese Accelerated 4 MOD2482M Module
Consumer Culture and Tourism TOU3097M Module
Contemporary Business Analysis BUS1001M Module
Contemporary Issues and Emerging Markets in Tourism and Hospitality TOU3116M Module
Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management HRM3107M Module
Contemporary Marketing Management MKT9700M Module
Contemporary Research Topics in Economics and Finance ECO9202M Module
Crisis and Disaster Management TOU3011M Module
Culture and High Performing Teams MGT9724M Module
Current Issues in Governance and Finance FIN9021M Module
Cycles and Crashes ECO9006M Module
Decision Analysis for Managers BUS9704M Module
Decision Making MGT2010M Module
Decision Support in Logistics LOG9028M Module
Delivering Projects, Programmes and Portfolios BUS9706M Module
Design and Research a Work Based Project LOG9035M Module
Destination Management and Marketing TOU9148M Module
Development Economics ECO3014M Module
Digital Marketing MKT9702M Module
Economic Analysis of the Inter-war Years ECO3012M Module
Economics of Crime ECO3015M Module
Economics of Inequality and Poverty ECO2002M Module
Economics of the Inter-war Years ECO2008M Module
Engineering Systems Design EMW3097M Module
Environmental Economics ECO3006M Module
Ethical Leadership and the Decision Making Process MGT9725M Module
Extended Final Project BUS9717M Module
Family Business in Practice BUS3156M Module
Final Project BUS9052M Module
Financial Analysis and Valuation FIN9022M Module
Financial Analysis, Appraisal And Decision Making ACC9703M Module
Financial Analysis, Appraisal and Decision Making ACC9700M Module
Financial Concepts MGT2275M Module
Fisheries Economics ECO3007M Module
Foreign Investment and Political Economy ECO3202M Module
Foundations of Economic Policy ECO9004M Module
Gender, Power and Business BUS9047M Module
German Intermediate 4 MOD2284M Module
Global Project Teams BUS9708M Module
Global Relationship Marketing MKT9701M Module
Global Supply Strategies LOG9023M Module
Governance and Risk Management FIN9103M Module
Governance and Risk Management FIN9108M Module
Human Resource in a Global Context HRM9700M Module
Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Operations LOG9027M Module
Humanitarian Supply Chain Strategy LOG3011M Module
Independent Learning Skills MGT2276M Module
Independent Study for Banking Finance and Economics ECO9200M Module
Industrial Organisation ECO3009M Module
Innovation & Entrepreneurial Thinking BUS9060M Module
Innovation & Entrepreneurial Thinking BUS9712M Module
Integrated Logistics Support LOG9029M Module
Integrating Professional Humanitarian Supply Chain Experience LOG3012M Module
Intermediate French for Business 4 MOD2598M Module
Intermediate German for Business 4 MOD2600M Module
International Banking and Development FIN2140M Module
International Business BUS3057M Module
International Entrepreneurship BUS9703M Module
Introduction to Business Economics ECO1026M Module
Introduction to Engineering Management MGT1520M Module
Introduction to Financial Communications MGT1523M Module
Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management LOG1007M Module
Introduction to Marketing Concepts MKT1102M Module
Introduction to Organisational Behaviour MGT1521M Module
Japanese Accelerated 4 MOD2582M Module
Japanese Accelerated Route 3 MOD2581M Module
Leadership Development MGT9700M Module
Leading and Developing People MGT9647M Module
Leading and Developing People MGT9711M Module
LIBS International Year Abroad MGT2286M Module
Logistics and Operations Management LOG9014M Module
Logistics and Operations Strategy LOG9702M Module
Logistics and Supply Chain Management LOG9030M Module
Logistics and Supply Chain Management LOG3192M Module
Logistics Information Management LOG9031M Module
Management and Leadership Development MGT1519M Module
Management Of Change In A Humanitarian Organisation LOG3013M Module
Managing MGT3021M Module
Managing Business Improvement: Concepts and Techniques BUS1805M Module
Managing Employment Relations HRM9701M Module
Managing Projects, Programmes and Portfolios LOG9034M Module
Managing Self and Others MGT9726M Module
Managing The Food Supply Chain LOG3191M Module
Managing the Tourism and Event Enterprise TOU9165M Module
Negotiated Learning Project BUS9713M Module
Negotiated Learning Project BUS9062M Module
Operational Logistics And Supply Chain Management MGT2279M Module
Operations Management LOG9032M Module
Organisational Behaviour 1: Evolving Perspectives Of Management MGT1007M Module
Organisational Behaviour 2: Management In Context MGT1008M Module
Organisational Design and Development HRM9702M Module
Organisational Leadership And Change LOG9003M Module
Organisational Psychology MGT9701M Module
Performance Management MGT2281M Module
Procurement Management LOG9033M Module
Professional Inquiry Project BUS9711M Module
Professional Inquiry Project BUS9705M Module
Professional Practice TOU9167M Module
Professional Practice (Hospitality Management) TOU9177M Module
Project and Contract Risk Management BUS9707M Module
Project Planning and Management BUS9701M Module
Project Risk And Commercial Management LOG9004M Module
Regional Economics ECO3016M Module
Research and Consultancy Methods BUS2145M Module
Research Methodologies and MBA Dissertation MGT9122M Module
Research Methods for Banking, Finance and Economics ECO9201M Module
Research Methods for Tourism and Sport TOU2009M Module
Short Term Study Abroad TOU2003M Module
Simulation and Case Study BUS3574M Module
Social and Sustainability Marketing MKT1005M Module
Spirituality in Management MGT3029M Module
States and Markets ECO9005M Module
Statistics for Economics and Finance ECO1004M Module
Strategic Global Supply Chain Management LOG9700M Module
Strategic Management BUS9058M Module
Strategic Management BUS3110M Module
Strategic Management for Tourism and Events TOU3008M Module
Strategic Procurement and Supply Management LOG9701M Module
Strategy in Practice BUS9714M Module
Strategy in Practice BUS9061M Module
Strategy Making BUS9700M Module
Study Period Abroad BUS2171M Module
Study Skills MGT1522M Module
Sustainability Reporting and Business Ethics ACC9701M Module
Team Dynamics MGT2041M Module
Teamwork and Mentoring MGT2277M Module
The Marketing Professional MKT1006M Module
Tourism and Hospitality Research Project TOU3117M Module
Trade And Development ECO9007M Module
Trade and International Business BUS1029M Module
Understanding Management Finance. ACC9029M Module
Work Based Project MGT2278M Module

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